ligs feel looser, weaker



Dec 6, 2003
Been doing a lot stretching and near erect jelging and I feel I'm slightly longer 1/8 or 1/4 inch, but I feel like the ligs are much thinner towards the base, I believ my erection angle has gone down as well. It's also very thin at the sides of the base and underside, I'm thinking I pulled some of the "inner penis" out, not sure though. Just wondering if anybody experienced this before and if it was a sign of potential injury ( maybe the erect jelgs are too stressful on the ligs) or a gain that just has to be cemented, with future gains ahead, meaning I'm on the right track. That the ligs will heal stronger and the girth will increase with time, or does it mean I am overtraining, it is not pain I feel, just a very loose feeling, maybe slightly tender ligs? Take more days off? Any vets your advice would be greatly appreciated


Its a marathon, not a sprint!
Jun 3, 2003
I would say this is a good sign.
I have had this too, mainly when I hung weights.
Sonn after I gained some length ......but I had that lower angle of erection for awhile before it got to normal.
Kepp doing what ya doing, dont go easy on it now.....keep at it, the penis will heal and grow bigger [ligs] and after a few months the angle will increase, also do kegels to help that.

But dont worry, I feel its normal I had it and I gained.
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