Lig Poppage!!!!

had my 1st lig pop earlier today!!!! the sound was very suttle but i definitely knew it was a lig pop considering i felt my penis pop. Is this a good sign in the future of Penis Enlargement for me?


some people don't get lig pops. I think DLD said he never got one. So it's not a measure of progress or anything I don't think. They just feel cool. =)
"Lig pops show your ligs are struggling to resist against all that stretching pressure" (thats my impression of the cool little italicized quote thingy that some ppl i.e. DLD does that i wanna know how to do)

so is this a good thing or a bad thing? Im sure its not bad but i kinda want to know because i am a VERY slow gainer to length
I stopped doing cranks when I started feeling those. They feel too weird to me. I wasn't to sure of what it meant. I guess I have an answer now. I replaced those with A stretches . Should I bring them back into my length exercises then?


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Goto the boo boo band aid section, uptop theres a sticky on LIG POPS and BURNS by me.
Tells ya everything ya need to know, but in a nutshell here ... lig pops dont mean that gains is coming, they are just like when ya pop the knuckles of ya hand, its just pockets of AIR trapped around and under the ligaments/tendons so when they move the air is forced out and hence a pop comes, it means nuthing ... anyone can get them.
Some people are more prone to them than others, I dont know why ... its same with knuckle poping, some can do as well as some can not.

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