Length Jelqs and Cutting Out Stretching?

Dec 16, 2003
"Length Jelqs and Cutting Out Stretching?"
Hi Everyone,

When I jelq I incorporate a stretch in to the jelq. I jelq with a pulling force straight down, then when I reach just below the tip, I grab below the now engorged head and while pulling hard sweep my penis 180 degrees untill its pointing straight up, hold this for a second, then do it agian with the other hand. besides hitting girth this also hits the ligs and tunica I think, as I can feel the pull in these areas. I am doing this 30 min in the morning and 20 min. at night. My question is do you think this is good enough to get good length gains without stretching ? I have been stretching but I really dislike the stretching , jelqing is great however. What do you guys think?

thanks a lot,


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Jun 3, 2003
"Length Jelqs and Cutting Out Stretching?"
sounds good tome but you can make it better , add erect bends into it do them left right up and down all down the shaft.
This is working the external Tunicae.
I also advise when you jelq, each time ya hit the head [under] give the penis a good tug and reverse kegel if you can, hold that for say 10 seconds and let go - go back to the jelqs again.

You are still stretching your penis, but not aware .... well its being done while you jelq.

Another tip is when you jelq move left to right, up and down along the shaft with the hands.
So jelq upwards for a few than down, left and right ,... kinda like a bend motion while you jelq, this is what I always do and you feel the tunicae stretch .

Take a pick out of them what ya wonna do.
I cans till see you making length gains without actual stretching itself.

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