Least Competent Criminals


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Dec 5, 2003
"Least Competent Criminals"
In January, Trilane A. Ludwig, 24, called his mother from jail in Clark County, Ala., and asked that she grab the $500 from his wallet at home and come bail him out. As he almost certainly knew, the $500 was oversized, poorly made counterfeit bills, which put him in even more trouble. And in December, Tony Lee Hinrichs, 40, was arrested in Mesa, Ariz., based on video of him in the act of burglarizing the Extreme Surveillance shop ; Hinrichs appeared not to be aware that the company is a security firm that might be expected to have cameras set up. [Tuscaloosa News-AP, 1-6-04] [East Valley Tribune, 12-18-03]

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