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does anyone elses cock lean to the right or left when errect? is this casued by the weight of your cock? and why does it lean to a certain direction?
My cock has always been very straight, but it used to lean to the left somewhat. The problem fixed itself after a while, mainly since I focused on doing most of my erect bends to the right.


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myn leans to the left abit, was caused when I hung too much weight from the leftside lig once ... just hangs SLIGHTLY, not too much that way now.
No pain or anything, nuthing to worry about, just a war scar.
Mine has always leaned to the left for as long as i can remember.
I have seen improvement in this lean since I started to do Penis Enlargement.
I think my lean came from always having my penis tucked to the left in my pants so therefore the right side of my penis got a little longer ligs so it pulls left when erect ,but doing the Penis Enlargement stretches has started to equal out the length so it is getting



Similar to ATS, mine has always "leaned" a little to the right. I've always tucked to the right, so that's probably got something to do with it. Doesnt bug me any. My penis itself is straight.

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