Last nite...

Last night I kinda had my first fuck. It was a total fuck up, we pulled up at the sports ground, jumped in the back seat and started getting it on, my 6'3" frame couldn't really fit in the back of her car and it made it really hard, i ended up winding the window down and lieing on my back and I had my legs out the window, it worked for a while, all this chick wonted to do for the first hour was kiss and play with my gut, talk about boring! Next thing there is a car going up the road and it turns into the sports ground, at first i thought it was my mates coming to be assholes but then we realised it was the cops, they pulled up next to us and they had their spotlights going into the car window, I thought fuck them so i took my big white ass and put it up to the window, they were off after that thank god. We laughed our heads off and kept going, then she gave me head, then she came back and kept kissing and crap, she wouldn't let me take her pants off, then we started like fucking with our clothes on and stuff, next thing i know she takes her pants off, and i go "should i wear a rain coat?" and she goes " no way i hate condoms" i said "well i rooted a hooker once without one so i think we better wear one", so there I go ratting around trying 2 find my wallet (meanwhile my glans was rubbing up her really wet pussy i think, only a few times), finally i found a raincoat, next thing my phone rings, and rings again and wouldn't shut up, the bad thing was that it was in the front and i couldn't reach it to turn it off, so im just about to put the condom on and i got soft,mostly because the condom was to small or tight and all of the distractions and the chick didn't turn me on much, we tyred to get him up again but he must of went to bed (embarrassing) so we got dressed and went home, what a fucked night! it was about 4 hours of uncounftable kissing and crap (except for the 5 min head job)

Has that happened to anyone else before? like going soft? what is the best thing to do??

And If she had AIDS or an STD would I get it from my glands touching her wet pussy for like 20 seconds??

Oh BTW this chick was 23, im 18...haha

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And If she had AIDS or an STD would I get it from my glands touching her wet pussy for like 20 seconds??

It's possible. I'd worry about other STDs too, some like clamydia are easy to contract like that. Just go get checked out to make sure you're ok.

As far as going soft, it happens. Happened to me my first time. Not anything to worry about.

You're lucky the cops just drove off, over here in America they'd write you a ticket for trespassing! If you had your ass hanging out the window, they'd probably also give you a citation for indecent exposure. American cops are no fun :(
Thanks for the reply mate, it was public sports feilds, plus i know the sargent here, they were probbaly just making sure we wernt doing drugs.


I wont have sex with anymore women I hardly know. Learned my lesson the hard way. I consider myself very lucky though as I only got warts. I could have gotten something like Herpes or worse. Wrap it up no matter what!


dude i know what ya mean. i fuckin hate condoms. but i like 'em enough to know to wear 'em.

Theres something about them that is uncomfortable and I go soft sometimes also. It sucks.
Young dude, whether you like them or not for your own health and safety use condoms. If you going to have sex with someone you just meet or don't know that much about your well being is the most important thing, young Dude and that from a Granddad of 63 and would the advice a would give my own son or grandson of 17! :)


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Hell I gave my younger cuz THREE boxes of Trojans to mess around with. I can't be around him too much, because he always has some underaged hotties with him. I'd rather not go to jail.

Yea I say you get checked...for EVERYTHING. It's better to be safe than sorry. Oh and don't worry about what happened. I think we all had it rough our first time.