LaRouche petition loses prominent signatory


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Jun 3, 2003
LaRouche petition loses prominent signatory
The Age |
"The former chief of the Australian Defence Force, General Peter Gration, yesterday distanced himself from a petition he signed on behalf of an allegedly anti-Semitic organisation linked to the extreme right-wing American Lyndon LaRouche political cult... [General Gration] was one of about 90 signatories to the petition published yesterday in three newspapers, including The Age. The Melbourne-based Citizens Electoral Council paid $30,000 to publicise the petition, headed 'Stop the police-state Anti-Terrorism Bill 2004.' ... The council was described yesterday 'as the Australian arm of the infamous American-based LaRouche organisation... that promotes insane conspiracy theories, many of which have an anti-Semitic flavour' by Dr Paul Gardner, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission... General Gration and some of the other signatories told The Age they knew nothing about the CEC's links to LaRouche."