Kitten rescued 3 miles offshore


Jun 3, 2003
Kitten rescued 3 miles offshore
St. Petersburg Times |
"A group of friends on a scalloping trip were cruising in Homosassa Bay more than 3 miles into the Gulf of Mexico when one of them spotted something the color of a plastic Publix shopping bag in the distance... 'There was a 9-inch-long kitten doing the paddle and screaming at the top of his lungs,' said [Maggie Rogers]... For the rest of the day, Rogers held the kitten in her lap trying to comfort him... When anyone approached, he cowered and ran for cover behind Rogers' back... He was terrified, especially of the sound of running water . For two days, he would not eat or drink... Aside from having worms, the 10-week-old kitten, all 1 pound, six ounces of him, is in good health." [And they said we don't post any heartwarming stories.]

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