Killdozer rampages through Colorado town


Jun 3, 2003
Killdozer rampages through Colorado town
KCNC-TV 4 Denver |
"A man barricaded inside a fortified bulldozer went on a rampage through this mountain town Friday, firing shots and knocking down buildings as he plowed through the streets... The scene was chaotic as the man rumbled through Granby, about 50 miles west of Denver. Witnesses said the machine took out trees, a light pole, a wall of the library and part of a new bank building. Grand County manager Lurlene Curran said she heard there was heavy damage to six or seven buildings, including the town hall, a newspaper office and a construction business. County employees moved a large piece of highway equipment in the way to try to stop the man, but he simply turned around and kept plowing into buildings, Curran said."

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