Kegels-related question


Jul 10, 2003
I'm sure you've all read this... (If not, it'll likely make you feel better about your habits ;))
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Would anyone gather then, that if you do kegels and hold it in often, that this practice is horrible for your prostate and could lead to cancer?

I like holding it in for a while so I can build up to one nice, forceful one--but not if it'd lead to prostate cancer.


Jun 3, 2003
It is so hard to trust anything the media says. One minute they are preaching one thing the next minute something else. I hate being such a skeptic but I thought penis enlargement was not possible, according to the medical experts. It is so hard to determine what is fact and fiction in the media . It seems that this theory is good for the chronic masturbators and bad for us ministersLOL


Jul 9, 2003
I have seen and heard of many frequent masterbaters that lose there libido, and erection strength, as well as lose penis girth and length .

Sure I believe "use it or lose it" is a good way to go. Right now I can see all the people reading that thinking, I have to masterbate more often. Maybe even some telling there wives "honey come help me over here".

There will be an influx of men that need help because they now have ED.

This is where Minister DLD comes in. In his best televangelist voice " Have you lost your libido...., Do you haaave erection your penis smaller than it used to beeee? Well I have a cure for you... It is MOS! Let me have an AMEN.."

Nevermind that there has been men that has mastered the art of orgasming without ejaculation. Some of them believe that to lose the seed is like loss of your energy. I have heard of well known stars practicing this type of belief some are Woody Harrelson (atleast back a few years ago), and Sting. This practice has been going on for centuries.

So basically what I am saying is the validity of this kind of statement cannot truly be found.

Blind faith in our medical community can be hazardous to your health!

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