Quick question: I read (at the pay site, I think) where DLD attributed much of his gains to his intense kegel exactly does that work? I mean, how does kegeling help in making length or girth gains? Does it have to do with the ligs? (are the pc muscles connected to the suspensory lig?) Or with blood flow? Or something else altogether? I ask because I really don't like kegeling, I don't know why, something about doing them just drives me nuts. And I wonder how necessary they are, and how avoiding them could negatively impact potential gains? I need a clue! rofl

Anybody know?

Its late and Im tired but that doesnt sound right. Kegels dont directly affect gains at all. If he said something like that he maybe meant it in the sense of "anything that keeps me focused on my groin keeps me on target".
Not kegeling will not affect your Penis Enlargement gains but you lose the many benefits kegelling offers (obviously)


Yeah, I thought maybe I had read that wrong. I looked again and he says it's an 'important part of the overall MOS program', because it has lots of benefits, but nothing specific about making gains. Actually I just looked again and he does say on one of the pages that the REVERSE kegel is important for making length gains, like when doing blasters and things like that. Makes sense. Thanks for the response! :)
Well maybe DLD will chime in on this one. But with kegels they are supposed to give you harder erections and control and such. And good erection strength/bloodflow is key to a good girth workout.
Happy to help InDeep. Kegels are so easy to do that they are possibly the easiest part of the Penis Enlargement workout package. If you work at a desk every day, kegel to your hearts delight. Or if in travel, kegel away etc etc
Dont discount them too quickly mate, their benefits are proven and well documented :)


Thanks for the responses, guys. I know kegels are definitely valuable...I don't know what it is about doing them that drives me's really hard to explain. Whenever I do them I get this really FRUSTRATED feeling, like I can never do them hard enough, and it seems to take so damn long to get through a set (I know in reality it's just a few minutes but it feels like forever). I will persevere, however! Like with working out, this is probably my body/mind's way of telling me I really need to do know how, like, if you absolutely HATE doing squats, for example, you'll do anything to avoid them . . . and you know you SHOULD do them and you hate them because they hurt so damn much, which means you really need to build up your strength/mass in that area? It's prolly like that. Alright i'm babbling now. Just avoiding doing my kegels, really! ;)

Thanks again,
- indie
Im sure I read DLD say that "kegels are PARAMOUNT to gains"....thats a strong word....and I would think to beleive it. I think they help with girth because when I used to do kegels it sort of blew up my corpus spongism.

I was wondering if this happens to most people.
cuz il start doing kegels again if it does


Yeah that definitely happens for me...kegels really help with engorgement. So I'm gonna just suck it up and keep doing them. I'm already noticing that each day they get easier and less annoying.

Onward and upward (and outward"girth"ward, hehe)
Do your kegels while lying in bed drifitng off to sleep. Or anytime you would rather do them than something like say work.
I dont do them during my Penis Enlargement workout as such as they are a little dull in comparison to playing with my tool.
Not necessarily, just squeeze the muscle you use to hold in urine.

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