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Interesting read. While I was reading that, a thought occurred to me.

It was talking about how "slamming" or whatever buts more pressure on the prostate and that's why men tend to do that while having sex (or masturbating). It also said that men tend to kegel while doing this because it brings the prostate gland closer to the penis, so the "slamming" is felt even more. So I thought maybe if you could learn to force your PC muscle NOT to contract while having sex or masturbating then you would be able to last a lot longer. I tried this out, and it worked very well. While I was masturbating, I tried to feel the difference between having my PC clenched and forcing it to relax (I know...not very erotic, eh?). Whenever I would clench it, I'd come REALLY close to having an orgasm. Then I'd stop for a second, and then continue, forcing the muscle to stay relaxed. I could keep going like this for a long time. But as soon as I flexed my PC muscle I'd be right on the edge of cumming again.

I think if we could make our bodies learn NOT to clench at all during sex, we could make a HUGE step toward combatting premature ejaculation, and being able to cum exactly when we want to (when I wanted to finish masturbating, I clenched my PC and ejaculated within 10 seconds).

Any thoughts?

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