Kegal/PC question


Jan 6, 2004
Dumb newbie question regarding the PC/kegal exercises. (I did a search and couldn't find my exact question answered).

I am currently doing DLD's Phase I program. Regarding the excercises in the description of doing kegals, it says to "squeeze". Does this mean to actually squeeze the muscle with my fingers or simply to flex?

100 x quick squeezes

50 x 5 second squeezes

1 x 60 second squeeze

Does this mean to simply flex and unflex the muscle (as if to stop or start the flow of urine) or to physically squeeze the muscle with my fingers?

Like I said, probably a dumb question, but I guess I'm still a newbie (been at it for only 2 weeks).
Dec 23, 2003
I, also, am doing phase 1, I do my kegals during the hot wrap warm-up and then again for the cool-down, I have only been doing it for about 6 weeks but I remember the first time I tried to flex my PC for 30 seconds and I managed about 3 seconds and I thought how the hell do people flex that for 30 seconds (I'm sure people can do more that that a well) but now I can do it for 30 seconds easy.
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