Keeping it hard while jelquing


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Aug 12, 2003
Hey guys - I jelq every other day using Baby Oil Gel . My understanding is that the harder you are - the better the jelq .

I do about 250 jelqs in a session - but I have to stop at about every forty strokes because I loose my wood. Even though I start at 100% - jelquing sometimes causes it to go down to a exasperating eighty or even a floppy fifty percent.

After a few strokes - I can usually wake spike up - but it never seems like I can get all the way back to 100% for the rest of my jelqs .

- How do you maintain your erections while jelquing - or is it normal to loose wood?
- Do you think I might be squeezing too hard?
- Have any of you ever had an orgasm by jelquing ?

Thanks tons!


Why are you jelqing ? I mean ...length /girth? I'm not putting down jelqing but, if you want really should look into more efficient girth exercises like two hand squeezes and "ulis".

I personally use generic Viagra (see signature) during my girth sessions to keep myself from having to constantly stop the work to get back to the right erection level. My work outs are so much more efficient now. NO, I do not get endorsements or financial rewards from the link in my signature, I just LOVE this stuff!!
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