keepin it fresh

we all know that after being w/ the same girl for a long time can get boring if you dont try new things right? well everyone tell us some things that u do to keep things interesting in the bedroom...techniques, positions, toy, whatever.
ohhhhh gooodie !!! this is a fun topic.
I use to work at a porn shop and I have a ton ( TON ! ) of new toys yet to be tried. so once in a while we get a new one out. Some times it is a new leather restraint sometimes a new vib. and sometimes when the new toys dont work , and allll the diffrent lube styles ( syrup , ice cream ,hot coffee , ect ) dont work , then me and my sugar go and find a lucky girl and we spice it right back up ! hit it a couple times and then bounce it out. That livens it up for months around my place !!! ( expecially when it is video taped ) :) :)
Do it in strange places. Like a resturant bathroom etc... Also do it public where you can be caught.


Better yet, do it in public, and get caught! That's a new and exciting feeling having 2 cop cars show up. But at least we were done before they showed up, but they got there before we got dressed. Apparently we had been spotted and reported. Anyway, they were cool about it and just told us next time to take it somewhere else :)

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