Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!


I was painting this house inside for a friend of mine to move into. When I started painting the baseboard trim it was White trim with a dark blue carpet touching it at the bottom. I was asked how i painted so fast on the trim and did not get one drop on the carpet. I had to think for a second then replied. I never look at the brush, I put it on the trim then i look at where i want the brush to end up and paint in that order.. When I look at the brush my hand starts to shake and i usually make a mess.

As usual I relate things together. In life we can get so intimidated by what is goin on around us at any given time that we forget what we are doing and where we are going.

Don't let situations stop you from reaching your goal. Set your goal reasonable then stop looking at where you are, just look at where you wanna end up.


See thats what i'm saying DLD. AS long as we keep our eyes on the goal and NOT on where we are now we can make progress. Some days I get soooooo frustrated I could just give up when things don't work the way i thought they should. I measure and its not what i expected and wanna say WTF. I have to kick my own ass and remember that the prize is at the end of the race not the beginning , not the middle, NOT at the times of frustration, but at the end.


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Excellent post C-Guy!! (Started back up my routine today) :D



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The other thing that helps when I get discouraged is knowing even though I may not be whare I want right this second I will get there evenetually. I know this because I have reached many goals in Penis Enlargement so far and with each victory comes an increased confidence that I can accomplish the next.

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