Keep some nasty nearby


I seldom look at porn - except when I'm doing a measurement. Whipping out the ol' ruler, jamming it in your pubis, etc. - these can all be distracting erection-killers. So, when I'm doing an "official," I whip out some nasty porn & it gets me ultra rock-hard.
So, if you're doing a measurement or a photo shoot, just make sure you have something juicy in front of you....shouldn't be a problem then. :)
I prefer some good porn when doing my girth exercises just to keep things nice and hard. Makes it much easier to get in a good workout. (Thank god for streaming live feeds I say!) But I agree, it is a must for those official measurements.


Yes Jen, youre nasty enough! I must be semi sado because I like the ruler jammed into my pubic bone...seems to make me harder! :D.


Jen might be a little too hot for that. I nearly blow my load when i see some of those ass shots :D

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