Katherine Harris caught in pathetic lie


Jun 3, 2003
Katherine Harris caught in pathetic lie
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"Officials in Indiana and Washington said they were dumbfounded by a statement U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris, of Sarasota, made about a terrorist plot to blow up a power grid in Indiana. During a speech to 600 people Monday in Venice, Harris either shared a closely held secret or passed along secondhand information as fact... In an interview Tuesday, Harris would not reveal the name of the mayor who told her about the threat or provide further details. She said in the speech that a man of Middle Eastern heritage had been arrested in the plot and that explosives were found in his home in Carmel, a suburb north of Indianapolis. Carmel Mayor James Brainard and a spokesman for Indiana Gov. Joe Kernan said they had no knowledge of such a plot. Brainard said he had never spoken to Harris. Harris, a Republican who is running for re-election, said the case was an example of the nation's success in fighting terrorism."

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