Justice Dept withholding crucial database until after election


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Jun 3, 2003
"Justice Dept withholding crucial database until after election"
Justice Dept withholding crucial database until after election
Center for Public Integrity |
"The Justice Department's Foreign Agent Registration Unit said it was unable to copy its records electronically because their computer system was 'so fragile.' In a letter, the head of the unit's Freedom of Information office said that simply attempting to make an electronic copy of the database 'could result in a major loss of data, which would be devastating.' The database details millions of dollars spent on lobbying activities by foreign governments, companies, and foundations... According to Justice's response letter to the Center's FOIA request, the FARA database is in the process of being transferred to a more modern system by information technology contractors hired by the department. They say the completion date for the upgrade is December 2004. Until then, the database cannot withstand a 'mass export' as requested." [Hold on. Don't they keep backups? If not, why wait until December to fix their negligence? This couldn't possibly seem any more fishy.]


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