Just Who Is Dr. Lin?


Jun 5, 2003
If you go to his website, which I first did months ago, you'll probably find it a nightmare to navigate (I know I did). And if you peruse his resume, you'll find that he's not a medical doctor at all - he's not even a Registered Nurse. Dr. Lin is an expert in oceanic waves. He's a marine biologist.
Another pertinent fact you'll find is that he blasts Penis Enlargement. He's featured "letters" supposedly written by men who've "destroyed" their units from jelqing . He rails against natural Penis Enlargement - declaring it to be not only ineffective, but downright dangerous.
However, Lin will be happy to sell you his witches' brew of a concoction, based on a bunch of disjointed theories, which will revitalize your unit.
So, for all of us who've gained real size & penile health from Penis Enlargement - Lin's writings would suggest we're full of shit.
The conclusion is simple: Lin is against the EFFECTIVE approaches, such as Penis Enlargement - which not only works but is FREE. What he offers is a bunch of supplements - which, how convenient! he'll gladly sell to you.
Lin is a man riding on the coat-tails of a PhD degree, in a wholey unrelated field, to peddle supplements - which is not his educational background. I only know a few "doctors" of Penis Enlargement - and DLD is one of them. I'd wager that DLD has 100x the Penis Enlargement knowledge of Lin - and DLD has offered tons of free help to so many guys, and for a long time.
Don't get suckered in by Lin's snake oil.


Nov 20, 2003
I always thought that Dr. Lin guy was full of shit.

I also think he writes his own "testimonials" posing as other people, have you noticed some of the writing styles from letter to letter don't change very much ?


Jun 29, 2003
He really is a joke, but probably a rich one. "A Sucker born every minute" spend your hard earned money with me attitude. Mine is the only and right way, trust me, Penis Enlargement doesn't work, you'll be injured and you'll eventually use my products..
Oct 7, 2003
Originally posted by quijjiboo
Yeah scammers like this are assholes and should have their legs broken.
Its one thing to sell someone bunk stuff and make them waste their money, but he's selling misinformation and wasting people's
money and TIME :fight:

That won't help break their fingers and noses! LOL
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