Just to document my starting size



Good job man! Not many guys take/post starting pics. The next step is to use a RULER in your pics. It's a better way of providing legit proof pics. I use a ruler in all of mine. I'd hate the idea of people doubting my size claims.


Dude for the size you say it is. It looks alot bigger than that


You coulda fooled me into thinking it was bigger until I saw the ruler pic. Good job having the confidence to post, you'll be glad you have these as a reference once you've added a lot more to your size.


I can answer that one :p

I actually shaved mine the first time cause my g/f at the time was hesitant about shaving hers. So i told her if she did it, i would do it. Turns out we preferred it that way and the girl i am with now ALSO prefers it that way. Weird feeling at first, but i suggest you try it :p

Just be careful, of course :)
Great starting pictures and good looking dick and size. Looks bigger than what the ruler says. Good luck with your goals and gains.