Just Starting.....


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Hello all. I'm gonna record my starting measurements here and try my best to report back every couple of weeks or so. My initial post is on the "Newbie " Forum. For more background information and a little about what I'd like to accomplish, please visit the thread I started there concerning stretching .

I'm still trying to formulate a starting Penis Enlargement workout program. I'm looking to incorporate what DLD has layed out for "newbies" and start with a 30 minute routine that I do on 5 days out of the week.

I'm gonna start tonight with.....

PC exercises

Here are my starting measurements:

Flacid Length - 3.25"
BP FL - 4.25"
Flacid Girth - 4.75"

Erect Length - 5.00"
BP EL - 6.00"
Erect Girth - 5.50" - 5.75" depending on where measure (5.0" at top of shaft just under head.

One year goals:

Flacid Length - 5.0"
Erect Lenght - 7.0" - 7.50"
BP EL - 7.50" - 8.0"
Erect Girth - 6.25" - 6.75" depending on where measure.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.