June 4 in History


Jun 3, 2003
Jun 4 1939

After already having been turned away by Cuba, the SS St. Louis is also denied permission to land in Florida. So it is forced to return to Europe with its cargo of 963 Jewish refugees, most of whom will later die in Nazi concentration camps.

Jun 4 1967

The Emmy for best comedy TV series is won by The Monkees. Good heavens.

Jun 4 1989

Chinese troops, firing a few warning shots, manage to push tens of thousands of student protesters out of Tiananmen Square without killing any of them. This changes once they're out of the Square, however. In the end, hundreds of unarmed citizens on the streets of Beijing are massacred by the army. Later, several leaders of the pro-democracy demonstration are publicly executed.

Jun 4 1989

645 rail passengers are killed in a natural gas explosion near Ufa, Russia. Their two trains are torn apart as they pass each other, throwing sparks near a leaky pipeline.
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