July 13-15 in History



Jun 3, 2003
Jul 15 1205

In a letter to the French clergy, Pope Innocent III declares that the Jews are consigned to continual subjugation just for crucifying our Lord and Savior. In the words of the Pope, the Jews "shall not dare raise their neck, bowed under the yoke of perpetual slavery."

Jul 15 1857

During an uprising, the group of British women and children being held by rebels in Chawnpore, India are cut to pieces with knives and hatchets. Then their remains are tossed into a well. When British forces finally retake Chawnpore, the captured rebels are taken back to the house where the slaughter took place. Then they are forced to lick the floors clean, after which they are hanged.

Jul 15 1864

A train containing hundreds of Confederate prisoners through Shohola, PA crashes head on with a coal train. The trains was off schedule because of an escape attempt. 74 people, mostly prisoners, died.

Jul 15 1869

During war with Prussia, French ruler Napoleon III commissions Hippolye Mege Mouries to find a butter substitute. A patent for margarine is issued, it being based on beef fat instead of milk fat. But even with the tactically superior spread, the war is still lost.

Jul 15 1974

Chris Chubbuck, hostess of morning talkshow Suncoast Digest in Sarasota, FL, blows her brains out with a .38 on live television. "In keeping with Channel 40's policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts, and in living color, you are going to see another first -- attempted suicide." BLAM.

Jul 15 1997

Fashion designer/Homosexual Gianni Versace assassinated outside his home by a male whore.

Jul 14 1789

A mob of 20,000 people storms Bastille Prison in Paris, killing its personnel and freeing all seven prisoners incarcerated therein: four forgers, an accomplice to murder, a nobleman jailed for incest, and an insane IrisHydromaxan. The warden is decapitated and his head carried around on a pike. So begins the French Revolution.

Jul 14 1881

In the Sumner, New Mexico home of his friend Pete Maxwell, notorious outlaw Billy the Kid steps into a darkened bedroom and is shot dead by sheriff Pat Garrett. Billy's last words are "¿Quién*es?" (Who is it?)

Jul 14 1902

One day after workmen noticed a large crack in the structure, the Belltower of St. Mark's collapses into a hill of white dust. Ten years later, the city of Venice erects an exact duplicate of the tower on the same spot.

Jul 14 1960

After a religious statue topples onto a shelf of votive candles in a Guatemalan insane asylum, the resulting blaze sweeps through the facility, killing 225 inmates and seriously injuring another 300. 50 lunatics manage to escape during the commotion, and only two are ever recaptured.

Jul 14 1966

Richard Speck slaughters eight student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital.

Jul 14 1969

El Salvador's defeat of the Honduras soccer team in Mexico City inflamed passions between the two countries to such an extent that the countries began warring with each other on this date. 2,000 people died during four days of hostilities known as the "Futbol War".

Jul 14 1997

Catherine Sheehan, a Beverly Hills whore, files suit against Jack Nicholson, alleging that the actor did not cough up the $1000 he owed her for sexual acts she performed with him the night of October 12, 1996. The complaint alleged assault, battery, and emotional distress; punitive damages were requested.

Jul 14 1997

Actor/nudist Brad Pitt receives his wish for a court order requiring Playgirl magazine to remove the "Brad Pitt Nude" issue from the newsstands. Here's one of the offending photos, showing Pitt prancing about like a fucking fairy.

Jul 13 1793

French revolutionary writer Jean Paul Marat is stabbed to death in his bathtub by Charlotte Corday, as she gives him a list of names to be guillotined. The assassination inspired the famous painting by Jacques Louis David; Corday was executed four days after slaying Marat.

Jul 13 1917

The first appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three young shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal. A later apparition that year was witnessed by 70,000 people in some manner of mass hallucination. The B.V.M. entrusted the children with three prophecies of the coming apolcalypse, the third of which the Vatican retains in a locked wooden box, refusing to reveal it until after 1960. (They don't get around to it until 2000.)

Jul 13 1946

Cheech Marin's birthday. He's actually (gasp) Iranian, and his name is Richard.

Jul 13 1985

President Ronald Reagan has a polyp removed from his colon.

Jul 13 1994

Tonya Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, is sentenced in Portland, Oregon, to two years in prison for his role in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. He serves six months.
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