Judge chides Feds over no-fly list


Jun 3, 2003
Judge chides Feds over no-fly list
San Francisco Chronicle |
"A federal judge hearing a challenge to the government's 'no-fly'' lists for suspected terrorists said Tuesday that the Bush administration hadn't yet justified its refusal to disclose how the lists work. So far, said U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer of San Francisco, federal officials have offered only general and sometimes flimsy justifications for withholding much of the information... The agency has refused to disclose the size of either list, how people's names end up on them or the procedures for removal... 'In many instances the government has not come close to meeting its burden (of justifying secrecy), and, in some instances, has made frivolous claims of exemption,' Breyer wrote. He gave the FBI and the Transportation Security Administration one more chance to defend their actions, ordering them to review all material they have withheld and present specific reasons."

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