Jelqing in Sets


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Feb 10, 2004
I know for me when I jelq that I cant really keep a good erection for more than 7 minutes tops, but when I would finish and mess around with different grips I noticed Id pop right back up and the shaft and head would really expand.
Maybe, its because of a fresh blood thing or other, but I think that jelqing in sets may really help me in terms of staying hard and possibly getting a better effect.
So, my question is what do you guys think of jelqing in sets? Im doing 3 sets of 5 mins with about 1 or 2 mins in between 6 days a week.
Do you think I lose or gain a better effect? IMO I think I get a better one kind of taking the theory behind athletic stretching and workouts where to get a better effect you dont just do something to exhaustion and quit, you break it up and take it almost as far as you can 2 to 3 or however many times.


Jun 16, 2003
In my experience erection hardness drops below what I would consider beneficial after about 2-3 min so I think that doing a good hard 2-min jelq , edging to bring the erection "up to speed", and then jelqing again is the way to go. So yes, I think sets is a good idea, one I've always used.
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