Whats the deal with Jelqing while near fully erect? Is it a definite no-no?

If so why? Is it harmful, or maybe just you're not hitting the right part of the cock?

I get them a lot during jelqing and just work on, else my 25 min stage 1 routine would take a *lot* longer.

Anyone else jelq pretty much erect? Still getting gains?


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Jelqing fully erect is the bestway to get gains frim the Jelq.
Infact alot of pe exercises benefit from maximum engorgement .... you work with more blood which = more expansion inside the penis ..... I have heard the talk on other boards of ''not to do'' erect jelqing, well I see no harm in it .... be careful as you should be with this and you'll be fine.
I ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will do my work at full engorgment.
Just that if your really new, than your best starting of at 70/80% erect with jelqing and such for the first 4 weeks [1 month] till your penis gets conditioned, than go up higher in erectile %.


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This is a good question and one that I was about to ask myself. It seems like everyone says that you shouldn't jelq while erect. Does that only apply to newbies? Can any serious damage be done to the penis? I am getting good at controlling my erections but like levista, it eventually does happen and having to wait for it to go down takes time away that I could be jelqing. What does everybody else think about this?
Thanks RedZulu my gut told me it was ok but to hear it from a pro like you totally sets my mind at rest. I've never felt any discomfort from jelqing erect (quite the opposite) and will continue to do so :)


I, too, think that erect exercises including jelqing are paramount to girth gains. Just give it a month or two before delving into them.


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philadelph said:
I dont even see how jelqing partially erect would even do much at all? Can someone explain this?
You see now that's what I thought too but I read a post where someone said that you want to squeeze the blood from the shaft into the head when jelqing. If you are hard then you can't squeeze the shaft and are basically just masturbating. Nice to know that I will eventually be able to jelq while erect as I too believe that being erect is paramount to girth gains. That's why I also incorporate edging into my newbie routine.

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