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when im doin jelqs, my dick goes limp, is this normal? i revive it and continue.. is that the right thing?


Yea, I have the same problem ...maintaining enough erection to jelq for more than a few strokes. Porn works for some guys...but not me. I need constant stimulation to the glans. That's a pain to do and makes a 30 minute session last an hour. Why specifically are you jelqing though? Length ? Girth? A lot of guys dont realize this, but jelqing can cause an uneven girth development. Smaller girth at the base than the rest of the penis. Some call this affect a "baseball bat" shape. Then again, maybe that's what you want? I'm not knocking jelqing, it is a good exercise but, it should not be your main or only exercise. If youre wanting length , there are much better and more effective (better gains, faster) stretching exercises. Stretches like the Bundled A stretch (search button) work great. For girth, your best bet are exercises like the squeezing exercises or the cable clamp (constrictor) exercises. These give great girth gains and a uniform girth development. There are picture demo. threads in the picture forum. Hope this helps some.

The Oak84

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jelqing is not the only thing i do. im doin the beginner program plus the a stretch , squeezes, dld blasters and the uli and some bends...

i hope thats enough .. what do u guys think

btw, im goin fo lenght and girth :) just a lil on each.. my gf is a virgin still, and i dont wanna tear her up, so maybe 1.5 inches on each.. possibly 2. who knows ?:(
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