On thunders forum I read about Jai streches .... How are they peformed... They sound similar to Pylo Streches


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shism2 said:
On thunders forum I read about Jai streches .... How are they peformed... They sound similar to Pylo Streches
With PLYOMERICS the goal is to stretch at your maximum very quickly, over and over in order to change the Proprioceptor function or "stretch detectors" theory is this information can be changed using these quick, hard jerk, movements. JAI stretches are a much lighter stretch that is done for longer reps and are based around PC response. Here is the exercise:

JAI (Johan's Active Isolated) Stretches

OK. I'm trying to give specific information how I do JAI's.

I came up with this idea, because I didn't gain anything during my first three months in the wonderful world of Penis Enlargement. I had used these stretches in normal muscle stretching before, so I thought why not try these in Penis Enlargement as well.

Basic principle is that you hold the stretch for only two seconds and then release it for two seconds and repeat. Why so? Because the inherent stretch reflex (aka. kick-back reflex) starts after about two seconds stretch (in PC-muscle).

So basically I'm stretching ligs and PC-muscle too in a effective way (that's what I think). I always do a 3 X 15 rep sets after my jelquing session to support the growth maximum way. This has probably helped me getting most of my gains.

1. Start breathing in and stretch your penis (I also suck in my belly at this point).

2. Hold the stretch for two seconds while inhaling.

3. Release the stretch but keep the grip while exhaling for two seconds (Relax stomach).

4. Go to step 1.

5. Repeat 10 to 15 times and keep about one minute rest.

6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 * 1 to 4 times.

Breathing helps me feel the rhytHydromax (2-second/2-second). I watched timer in the beginning to learn this. Now it's pretty much just a routine for me.

About the pulling force.. You shouldn't stretch your penis as hard as you can, because that will also lead to kick-back reflex. Just give a nice and firm tug.

Grip: Basic OK-grip behind the head (palm up). Middle finger also supporting the shaft in order to not make too much pressure on the head. Basically you can do any kind of strethes in this way.. I prefer doing circles with this stardard grip.


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This Exercse is NEGLECTED so much.
Needs more testing, but when I talked to Johan the maker of it he posted links to thunders pages where LOADS of peeps have posted length gains from this exercise.

He himself hasnt gained great from them, last time I spoke to him like a year ago lol this exercise didnt really do it for me, YET it does work great for otherd.
Its one of those 50/50 exercises that will agree with some and not others.#
Try and see.



They worked for me, 2 years ago. Main use is to reach fatigue faster afterwards, when doing regular stretches or hanging . I started doing them again and was wandering why nobody here ever talks about them, so I found this thread in a search.

I would recommend this before a stretching or hanging session, or at the beggining of a routine. Afterwards feels good too.

The key here is to watch the PC response, learn to feel when the tugback reflex is coming and avoid it by releasing the stretch . I like doing them in many directions.
I've just started doing these and I guess it would be good to do them in all directions, but I haven't played around with this one enough to know, leave this one to DLD
these were the first exercise with a name so to speak that I tried. I found them from Pride Penis when I first started.


Im glad to see interest in these. I think they are great.

To better grast the feel for these, I recommend doing them at the upper angles, to both sides. This is when the auto-tugback kicks in faster. Learn to release the stretch before it kicks in. Do them slowly and with little force, not like a regular stretch , way less force. The 2 second hold varies, sometimes the reflex will kick in inmediately, but the more relaxed you are, the longer you can hold it before it happens.

Keep repeating until you start to feel the work being done at the base. At the lower angles its a bit harder to get it right at first.

I hope more people try these and comment afterwards.
I liked them, but got bored doing them easily. I did them after every length workout for my first 6 months of Penis Enlargement. I should do them again. now.
That's probably true. I always was under the impression when first doing JAIS that it was to keep from retracting in the flaccid state after stretching .


I dont see JAIs as a standalone exercise, more like an aid to get better stretching or hanging sessions afterwards. I have found that after a few JAI repetitions, the stretching or hanging session gets a lot easier and feels better. It also keeps from retracting if done afterwards as IW8I stated.

I havent tried Plyos yet. I need a good full experimentation day to try a lot of stuff. Will do when I have a full day to spare, hopefully soon.
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I'm bumping this because a new member is using it in his routine, and I forgot about the technical nature to it. May help others, and get the creative juices flowing.
I remember a huge argument between me and the creator of the Jai stretch . I had created something called Pulse 110s And the exercises were pretty much identical. So we were arguing over who started this exercise first. Back in those days everybody was arguing over who invented white. I’m sure you remember! What I found, all the exercises I invented,. These are the same exercises Thunders said were dangerous and useless they now have recorded in video and renamed my exercises :D