It's more sensitive...TOO sensitive

the last few weeks, i've noticed one thing...The bigger my penis is getting, the more sensitive it gets....TOO SENSITIVE. It's hard not to cum. I do daily PC excersises...I know that muscle is getting stronger...but....what to do with this sensitivity thing?


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I believe practicing edging would help some. You could also try to squeeze your PC muscle as hard as possible when you're "nearing that last turn" before ejaculating to see if that'll help. You have to squeeze for dear life. :D

wannagrow, I've been experiencing the same thing during my Penis Enlargement quest. Before I began Penis Enlargement'ing I could last as long as I wanted when having sex, now that I'm Penis Enlargement'ing though I can't last a fraction of the time that I used to last. I believe it's merely a case of my penis getting bigger, and that makes the vagina feel snugger, thusly stimulating my dick in a way that I never imagined possible. That's the only explanation I can offer to this occurrence.


Young guys, must be nice to be "sensitive". When you get older it's the reverse.......:D
I've also got the same problem. I used to be like a triathlete when it came to sex, now I'm like a sprinter.

I second the 'because its bigger' comment above. Your body just isnt used to the new feelings.
yea, your probably just really excited about ypur new gains, and your boody isn't used to looking down and seeing that big hunk of man meat:D

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