It is great to be back!


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Jun 16, 2003
"It is great to be back!"
First time I have been on here in months and it feels great to be back!
Several months ago I had a nasty little accident,and have been out of action for awhile (and worst of all no Penis Enlargement).
Great to see familiar names again (Red,Stillwantmore,etc.) plus many new names as well.
Hey DLD,..what's happening?..Missed you big guy...Great to be reading your posts again!
Was into phase 2 when this happened,..had an inch length gain and half an inch girth gain.
Now I guess i'm a newbie again.
Starting with phase 1 to ease back into my routine again here now.
Just wanted to post and say hi to everyone again...
Have a lot of catching up to do here,..lots of reading for sure.
Need to get the motivation going again,...being back here again is sure gonna help!

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