Is there a pro-CARPENTER in the house?

Apr 24, 2004
LOL that thing is HARDCORE looking. I love the slingshot. Oh I can just imagin mom coming home early one day from work and busting in the door while I'm doing that one. "I uhhh got this new slingshot, and I was changing cloths, and somehow tripped on it and it fell on my dick"


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Jun 28, 2003
Yo DLD!!! I'm not a carpanter, but I do have your power-assist from when you first started 'em. They are extremly durable and mine gets used on a regular basis. The one thing that I have to say bad about it is the length of the arms. I have big thighs, so when I stretch with my power-assist, the end of the arms dig into my thighs. I thought that the arms were supposed to reach the other side of your legs for leverage and comfort. They might need to be alittle bit longer for us "big leg and thigh" guys. All in all it is great!

P.S. Is there a type of laminate you can use on 'em so that you can stretch without alittle lube on the power-assist. Because I noticed when I first got it that I could not get a good stretch without creating sort of a friction burn between the power-assist and my skin. I felt more of a burn on my skin than on any other part of my penis. But still a great product.


Apr 19, 2004
Actually I'm an anti-Carpenter. LMAO I hate those corny folk singers LMAO

And I thought I had seen somewhere that DLD was from Jersey City??? In that case it would be "I'll keep yous guys updated" LMAO
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