Is Penis Enlargement Safe?


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Jun 3, 2003

Is Penis Enlargement Safe?
Mental HealthIs Penis Enlargement Safe? - So many men worry about this and rightfully so, it is your only penis and the last thing you would want to do is injure it. With anything in life there is risk and reward. You can't expect to gain something without risking something. The way the Matters of Size program is structured is to maximize the gains you will make in intensity progressive phases. Each phase progressively introduces new, more intense exercise and the reason for this is safety. You will slowly condition your penis, building a foundation for growth and progress. One of the first things newcomers ask me is, Is penis enlargement safe? and after a tour of my members area you will see just how safe it is.

Phase 1 of the Five Phase program introduces you to the basics of penis enlargement. I teach you the proper way to do each basic exercise through high resolution penis enlargement videos, medical quality illustrations, clear concise text and studio quality sound. I leave nothing to chance, you will be a professional after a few simple instructions. You will not only learn the safe way to do these exercises but the proper way to make huge gains. As you grow you will progress in the Phases, each one with it's own unique, progressively advanced workouts.

The answer to the question, "Is penis enlargement safe?" is yes, Matters of Size stands behind the quality of our program and your safety is of the utmost importance.

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