Is Jelqing absolutely necessary?


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Nov 3, 2003
I've been on a platuea for about 2-3 months now, that I'm trying to break, I'm stuck at just around 8 inches, i figure I've gained maybe 1.25-1.75 inches (i'm not exactly sure how large I started)

My question is can you drop doing jelqs so you can fully focus on stretches ? Or are Jelqs pivitol to the routine? I'm really trying anything I can to maybe squeeze and extra 0.5- 1 inch from my penis, and I know if I just focus on stretches I could prolly increase the intenstiy dramatically but should I--or anyone else strictly looking for length right now--ditch jelqing all together?


Jun 29, 2003
Try doing a split routine, girth in the am and stretches in the evening, both work towards length . With the nite stretches , increase reps and intensity given. Use times during the rest of the day getting in the kegals.


Jelqs are a good exercise but I do not think they are required as part of a routine. There are much more intense and effective exercises for girth. I would personally drop the jelqing if you were using it as part of a length routine so you could put more focus on the stretching and more of it.

I only use jelqs as a warm up exercise for a few minutes before my girth sessions.
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