Is it just me or do you sometimes have a better grip...


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I have noticed.
Due to some days I sweatmore, and stress i.e I cant be bothered to pull as good and it slips.
If its a cold day I cant get much cock to grip than a warm one as he plays tortoise.
Would acvise you get those gloves, like golf goves I have heard mentioned here time to time as they seem to grip great whenever, thought I havent got a pair so I cant tell you my thoughts directly of this method.
I shudder at the thought of using gloves down there, I guess I have some hangup that I would prefer to be 100% hands-on when working on my crown jewels.

Grip-wise, I had to stop working on gripwork in the gym, had to totally drop it. My Penis Enlargement gives me enough it seems :)
Yea some days its hot down here and real sweaty so my grip always slips or isnt that great. Other days I feel like I got this amazing grip and I get a good workout... Depends on the weather alot for me
I'm in the same boat as you guys - some days are better than others. Not sure quite what it is, but it may be the pump I sometimes feel. When I have a slight pump , my head is engorged just a bit, but enough to help with a good grip and thus, a good stretch . I haven't tried the dishwashing gloves yet, may try over the weekend as I get tired of slipping.

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