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Jun 3, 2003
Couple arrested for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts
Charleston Gazette | SuBathmateitted by: Jonny Plasma
"Police took Nicole and Jeff Rank away in handcuffs from the [July 4] event, which was billed as a presidential appearance, not a campaign rally. They were wearing T-shirts that read, 'Love America, Hate Bush.' Spectators who wore pro-Bush T-shirts and Bush-Cheney campaign buttons were allowed to stay... Since Bush took office in early 2001, people have been banned from displaying anti-Bush messages at dozens of Bush appearances across the country. In September, the ACLU filed a federal lawsuit against the Secret Service, seeking an injunction against the Bush administration for segregating protesters at his public appearances. The Secret Service agreed that such censorship was wrong, said Witold Walczak, one of the lawyers that filed the lawsuit. 'They had an internal memo dated September 2002, saying they couldn't treat protesters differently or worse' than anyone else at a presidential appearance, Walczak said. 'The judge said any agent responsible for doing so could be held liable for damages.'" [We'll see.]

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