Intersting Info and a New Horizon


Jun 15, 2003
I took a 2.5 week from Penis Enlargement to test the decrease in size. In this period, I lost about .25 BPenis EnlargementL, and I don't care! Don't fear, I am not quitting Penis Enlargement, but starting a new plan. From now until February 1, I will not be on MOS because I will be hanging . I am going to try and repeat the success of SWM with my Bib Hanger . Even if I get half of his gains, I will be happy. Wish me luck, and see you in February!


I'm not at all trying to sound negative....quite the opposite...but, what is your plan of attack to make this happen? Hopefully you plan on hanging more than an hour total time per day. There seems to be this misconception of hanging that it is somehow easy to learn how to do...and easy to do period. I've actually seen the more ignorant men make comments like "yea, hanging is "effortless Penis Enlargement". It takes a big commitment and mostly TIME to see good results from hanging .

I do wish you the best though. I just wanted to see where your head really is on this. Have you used weights or a BIB hanger before? If not, there is at least a two week learning curve. I see many guys try to rush right into using the hanger or right into hanging seemingly ignoring the fact that it takes time...more time than most types of Penis Enlargement to learn. Then, they get frustrated.

Feel free to send me PMs if you have any questions.
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