Interesting Article about Female Ejaculation


Aug 14, 2006
Great idea. At first it sounds like big dicks are not so important, but then what about choking up and using it like a dildo, or grinding and rubbing spot(s)? Yeah we can do it with dicks.


Oct 7, 2010
Well some squirt like crazy others just get wet, so it's not the same for all


Dec 21, 2010
I give my wife g spot orgasms with cock, tongue, and finger. A very interesting development since starting Penis Enlargement. The area from base to mid girth has taken taken on a wider, flatter geometry. Once aroused, my wifes g spot is very pronounced and "fits" this area on my cock like a finger in a glove. She loves all of them, but her favorite is with full penetration. Her next is when her hips are in the air and most of the time I only have about 2 inches in her. She far prefers a g spot orgasm over a clitoral one. It isn't unusual for her to get 6 - 10 per session. We have gotten caught up in the heat of the moment and forgotten to put out her pad and after the sex is done, over half the bed is drenched in her cum. It is FUCKING HOT SEX.


Feb 28, 2011
I've been experimenting with the A-spot lately. My gf likes A spot stimulation better than G spot stimulation. She squirted a little for the first time the other night when I was stimulating her A spot (She orgasms during G spot stimulation, but no sqirting from G spot orgasms so far.

I am curious what the fluid she squirted actually was. It was only a few small squirts, not a stream (like from a squirtgun, pehaps). The fluid seemed to have exactly the same consistancy as "regular" vaginal fluid. It did not seem consistent with the large volumes of thin liquid I've read about that result from G spot squirting. My impression is that the squirting was due to her being so wet that the fluid in her vagina squirted out due to the contractions during orgasm. Supposedly, stimulation of the A spot will cause a woman to automatically start producing vaginal fluid, even if she normally has trouble getting wet enough, or if she's not very aroused.

I've read conflicting things on the internet about the A spot, but here's what works for my gf: I insert my middle finger into her vagina and feel along front wall well past (i.e. further in) than her G spot. I can just reach/feel her cervix with the tip of my middle finger (I have fairly long fingers). The cervix is a small dome-like protrusion about one-half inch in diameter at the base, and there's a raised ridge that extends around the cervix. The cervix itself feels a little like the tip of your nose. The ridge is a little like the ridge of a frisbee, but it's only about and inch or a little more in diameter. Find the lower edge of the ridge (i.e. closest to the vaginal opening), then move the tip of your finger along the ridge until it's against the smooth wall of the vagina just outside the ridge. Push gently on this in a tapping motion and/or back and forth or circular motion. If your gf is like mine, and if she's already aroused by the time you get to the A spot (I suggest giving her atleast one orgasm via oral or whatever else works first) she'll have an intense orgasm within seconds of starting stimulation of the A spot, and she'll keep having them as long as she wants.

My gf also like to have her cervix and the raised ridge stimulated, but I've heard that some women find cervical stimulation to be painful so I'd be very careful touching her there, at least the first time.

I've read different explanations for why A spot stimulation works. One theory is that women have cells there that are equivalent to the male prostrate. Another theory is that pushing on this spot puts force directly on the muscles that contract when a woman has an orgasm. I've watched videos on the internet showing a woman's cervix and the surrounding ridge moving during an orgasm, so my best guess is that pushing on the muscles in this area has something to do with it. One I get a chance, I'm going to try using two fingers (I'm not sure if I'll be able to reach) to rytHydromaxically push on the ridge around her cervix to see what happens.

Of course, it's always important to make sure your fingernails are well-trimmend, clean, etc. before using them for vaginal stimulation. But, I discovered it's especially important when stimulating the A spot, apparenlty because the tip of the finger is sliding along the edge of the ridge so even a tiny amount of contact from the fingernail is painful. (This has been much less of an issue with G spot stimulation).

It seems to me it would be very difficult to get the right angle to stimulate the A spot during intercourse, but I'd be curious if anyone has had any success with it?


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Jun 3, 2003
Really good thread I never seen it. MR_Clark I will link a good thread on the forums that may help!-!

Quote myself from the thread

Research suggests that the female ejaculation comes from the Skene's gland, which is located along the urethal sponge.

I would use every trick in the book, woman have so many pleasure points such as the clit, outer vaginal lips, inner vaginal lips, the area just underneath the uretha is very sensitive aswell and nice to GENTLY lick ... the G-spot as we all know but also the A-spot ''Cul de sac', U-Spot which is the Skene's gland and easy to locate and hit .. its this which I THINK got some of my girls to shoot. You've also got the Rectouterine pouch and if your long enough, some woman apparently like the uterus touching and can get a uterus orgasm from it and literally piss everywhere.

So LOTS of thngs to try and play with, and thats not incl the external areas like breasts, neck, inner legs etc etc.
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