Intense Quick Sessions with NO Mess


Jun 3, 2003
I get allot of messages from guys who are becoming pressed for time and want a solid workout that does not take forever to complete. This is a great workout that does not take all day and it requires no lube so there is no clean up.

Total Stretching Session: Total time 20 minutes

DLD Bundled Blasters
in a flaccid state get into the "A-Stretch " in a bundled position and so 20 sets of 10 second x 5 second Blasters.

Upward Tunica Stretches:
2 Sets of 100 second upward stretches . I pulse at every 10 seconds

Rotary Stretches
50 Cranks

DLD Dual Dry Jelqs: 20 minutes
DLD Dry Dual Jelqs
In a 90% erect state grab your penis by the glans. Take the other hand and grip around the extreme base. While jelqing hand forward push hand holding the glans toward the other hand. Each jelq should take 10 second. Switch hands after 10 jelqs .

Dry DLD Dual Jelqs 10 ten second Jelqs
Isolated Compression Squeezes 1 sixty second squeeze
X 10 sets.
Jun 3, 2003
That is a fairly solid routine there. And 40 minutes in and of itself is very little time to have to devote to a routine.

I think a lot of guys are scared off by Penis Enlargement just by the fact that they think that exorbitant amounts of time need to be spent to see results. Yes, you have to do Penis Enlargement with a fairly constant frequency and intensity, but duration isn't as cruicial. As long as you do a routine consistently day to day at a good intensity level you will see results.

Of course, if somebody does only stretches for 3 minutes every day, he probably won't see much of any results. So in essence, you have to do a routine of probably at least a half hour at a fair intensity level for about 5 days out of the week.

All in all though, I think this is a great routine for the people out there with a decent amount of Penis Enlargement under their belts that want to do something intense and effective. I do a routine fairly similar to this, and I believe it is going to be just what I need to skyrocket my gains.


Jul 10, 2003
Thanks :cool:


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Oct 25, 2003
Hmm. I have always found the lube thing interesting because in my entire life , Penis Enlargement or otherwise, I have never used lube for anything. Also, the whole "dry" jelq thing. I had never done them any other way. Of course, I dont put milk on my cereal either.
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