inner lig tenderness


Dec 6, 2003
I have a tenderness on the ligs towards the base and inside the body. I'm still able to get erect, but is tender in the base and to the pubic bone.
I've taken off the last two weeks (only jerked off a few times), felt a little better. Did some jelqing today and it feels tender still.
I'm unable to stretch with any intensity, I can jelq or do super slammers but later on it will feel even more sore.
I hoped the layoff would work but it hasn't.

Any tips on rehabbing or ways to speed the healing, I'm anxious to get back into Penis Enlargement, but I don't want to injury myself seriously. Has anyone experience this extende soreness at the base and internally? I'm hoping its just a strain and not a tear, I guess if it was a tear i would be in serious pain.

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.