Infusion Protein by SAN Nutrician

I have been taking this supplement for about a month and I swear it is the best protein I ever tried in combination with weight lifting.

You can buy it from at a good price, but information is on

Thought I would pass this on for all you weight lifters.

I am also going to try SAN's new product called OX. It is a new kind of vasodilator that is better than Arginine based products. I have been using NOX3 from Universal and swear I get the most amazing pumps when working out. I will let you know how OX is coming this week.


I just use Performance Pro Shake. It's good enough for me, especially for the money. SAN is quite expensive :/
For my daily protein consumption supplements , I go with Optimum Nutrition. However, when I take the good stuff (i.e. after a workout), I go with Syntrax's Nectar - best tasting protein, hands-down!


I currently use gnc whey protein but I like to use optimum 100% whey protein with mint flavor more than gnc. My daily consumption includes; 1 scroop in the morning and 2 scoops after my workout. :) totalling to 60 grams of protein from supplements daily.
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