India Moves to Measure Its Average Penis Size


Jun 3, 2003
India's health officials are announcing the launch of a project to map the size of the average penis.

The study is being ordered by the Health Ministry following increasing reports of condoms getting torn during use.

Scientists say condom size could be tailored to requirements if variations in penis size in different regions become apparent.

N C Saxena, head of reproductive biology at the Indian Council of Medical Research, which is coordinating the project, says understanding the "length and width of the male organ in different parts of the country could help bring down the 15-20% failure rate of condoms because of breakage or spillage".

The project stems from growing concerns of the failure of India's population control programme. A recent survey put contraceptive usage at just 3%.

Scientists believe the study was originally meant to cover 16 centres across the country but lack of funds forced them to confine it to seven states. Each centre will identify 300 volunteers, mainly relatives of patients admitted there.

The report is expected by the end of next year.

"The collection of data will be a scientific process in which the length and width would be recorded in a digital camera at the time of full erection," R S Sharma, the scientist in charge of the project, told The Indian Express newspaper.

Story filed: 08:28 Saturday 29th September 2001
Jun 4, 2003
I'd expect them to take NBP measurements if it's for a condom manufacturer.

Was the Kinsey study BP or NBP?


Jun 5, 2003
Originally posted by SlamInTheLamb
Was the Kinsey study BP or NBP?
The Kinsey study was "self measured" which means it's a combination of BP, NBP, curving the card over the glans, etc..
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