In Robins Jacuzzi


Jun 3, 2003
In Robins Jacuzzi

This is my first posting to this group after alot of reading. I just had to tell what happened when I went to my girl-friend's house for christmas vacation. We've been dating for awhile, so I know her family pretty well. She is very close to her older sister who lives in the same town. Becky, my girlfriend, often hangs out there during the day while her sister's husband is at work, so we went over one afternoon to relax in their Jacuzzi. Robin, Becky's sister, greeted us when we came in. Robin is a little shorter and slimmer than Becky; where Becky has larger curves and large, heavy breasts, Robin has slimmer hips that run to a slimmer waist and smaller, but not small,breasts that sit up high and pert. I love women with large, sensual lips, and while Becky certainly qualifies in this respect, Robin has the most fantastic lips I have ever seen. They are full and lush, just this side of being too large. She has large, high cheekbones, so her lips don't unbalance her face, yet remain sensual and pouty. Right when we arrived, the phone rang. It was Becky's mother calling to ask Becky to run up to Indianapolis to pick up a cake for a party that weekend. I started to get up to go with her, but Becky said, no, to stay and enjoy the Jacuzzi. Little did she know how much I would ! (Like no one here suspected where this was going ;) Becky left, and Robin smiled and went to change into her suit. I was wearing mine under my jeans, so I just slipped them off and slipped in. A few minutes later, Robin joined me. She was wearing a turqoise blue one piece, cut up fairly high on her hips. The cleavage was not deep, but it reaveled the smooth tops of her breasts. Her shoulder length hair hung loose to her shoulders. She eased into the Jacuzzi and smiled at me. "We get so little time just to outselves to get to know each other," she said. "I feel like you're part of the family already, but there's so much to know about you." She leaned back and smiled. Just the top of her cleavage was visible over the bubbling water , white froth churning up between her breasts. I made some similar comment about wanting to know her more too, but was more concerned about her noticing my hardening cock and wondering if she knew I was watching her lips and not her eyes. I was distracted from them though when she slid a little deeper into the water and I felt a foot slide up my thigh and gently knead my penis. Becky has told me so much about you," she smiled, "I wonder how much is true ?" With that she moved accross the pool to me and came up between my legs, putting her arm around my neck. Her head came towards me, her eyes closed, and those fantastic lips parted. I went with it, and pressed my mouth to hers. I ran my tongue into her mouth, and felt the her firm lips press and slide against mine. I ran a hand to her breast, and found that her nipples were already hard. I gently massaged them through the suit. He hand ran down my chest, and began stroking my cock through my suit. I slipped her suit straps off of her shoulders, and held a breast in each hand. Unlike Becky's which overflow my hands, Robin's filled each nicely. I cupped each one and rubbed by thumb over her dark brown nipples. I broke the kiss, and bent my head down, gentley biting and sucking. Her hand increased its pressure on my cock as I suckled her. I pushed the rest of her suit down, and she flung it out of the water . She pulled mine down, then had me sit up on the side of the Jacuzzi. I've been wanting to do this for awhile," she said, as she kneeled down in the water and brought her face level with the straining purple head of my cock. She slowly licked the shaft, then down around the balls, then back up the shaft, swirling her tongue around the head. She looked up to me with a grin, then slowly sucked me into her mouth. I gasped as those lips I'd dreamt about so much wrapped around me and sucked me deeper. She slowly sucked me up and down with a steady pressure, swirrling her tongue around the head as her head came up. One hand stroked in time with the motion of her head, the other rubbed and squeezed my balls. She was great at building up the pressure; I felt the pressure increasing in my balls, yet her slow movements and the variation in the rubbing of my balls kept me building and building. She then began increasing the pace of her sucking and stroking, her head bobbing faster and faster. Her soft, yet firm pouty lips slip up and down my shaft and and increasing rate,and the occaisional slurping sound escaped. I felt my balls tensing, and a moan issued from me as I felt my orgasm coming. She just kept right on going, if anything increasing her rate. I felt the come shooting up my shaft; she eagerly sucked harder and kept on bobbing up and down, my shaft becoming coated with white jism. I was shooting a monster load, and try as she might, Robin couldn't suck it down as fast as it was coming out. Gobs of cum slid past her mouth, coating her lips. Finally when I finished, she lifted her head back. A long strand of come pulled from her tongue to the tip of my cock, then snapped, falling across her lips and down her chin. I nearly came again as I watched that strand of come fall across that full lower lip. Her tongue came out and she licked it off, wiping the come off her chin with a finger and sucking every drop off. She was flushed and her breath was coming fast. I couldn't leave her like that, and after watching her eat my cum off of her lips, I was hard and ready. Saying nothing, I pushed her to the other side of the Jacuzzi, and put her with her knees on one of the seats facing away from me, her ass just out of the water . She knew what was coming, and couldn't keep her ass from wriggling in anticipation. I slid into her from behind and began a slow motion. She was already worked up though, and moaned for me to pound her, so I did. Each thrust slapped against her ass cheeks, and I held her by the waist and pulled her to me. I watched her back flexing with each stroke. Her hair was wet, and lay on her back like a thick rope. I gripped it in one hand and pulled her head back and increased the force of my thrusts. She gasped and began a series of staggered moans,moans broken by the force of each penatration of her cunt. Soon she was crying out, and I felt my load rising again. I let go of her hair, and slammed deep inside her, arching my back and feeling my sperm shoot deep inside of her. We collapsed for a little bit, and I was about to turn toward her and kiss her when we heard a car. Becky was back. With a grin at each other we grabbed our suits and got dressed and looked properly togethor when she came in. Robin and I weren't able to get togethor again that vacation, but I think I'll go down for spring break and try to "get to know her better."
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