In response to Stillwantmore's Post and Slandering..


Dec 16, 2003
Hello everyone. Stillwantmore recently posted a post that has now been taken down. This post was about his ex girlfriend turning psycho and taking over his email and aim account. well, he was slandering...

I am the ex girlfriend. That email account and AIM account was mine. I have always paid for that account. The day he left, i got on his account, went through and forwarded his emails to his mom's account and was getting ready to shut it down. I had a right to be in it because I had paid for it. and i was only doing it to be nice so that he could still receive his emails and such. a few of his friends sent me an AIM message, i politely told them i was not him. now that i have had a chance to let you all know what really happened with all that, maybe you will see that he was only talking trash about me and that should not be allowed in these forums.


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Jun 3, 2003
Hi welcome to MOS.
Make yourself at home...all is forgotten about any shit that happened and its water of a ducks back to us-lot in here as we get alsorts everyday.

Also have a wonder into the picture proof section and post commetns if ya a women some may appreciate this..also stills' pix are their ;)


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Jun 3, 2003
I wasn't here to read the post, but this sounds juicy!

Welcome to MOS!