Immediate help: Routine for 4months


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Feb 6, 2004
Hey guys,

I am really in need for a guarenteed size gain (length and girth) routine in 4 months because something special is going to happen in 4 months. Is there a routine of specific exercises that you know have helped you gain size in quite a short time? If so, please help. I am really devoted to do so.

Currently, what I do is jelq and in between 50 or so jelqs , I gain a full erection and pump blood in my glans by holding the base of pushing it an inch or so about 20 times and then back to jelqing . I do this till about 150-200 jelqs . (I do this in shower in warm water ). There not much pre- or post-warming up. After I am done, I get apply lotion all over. (I used to jack off when I applied lotion before, but now I stopped).

I am currently about ~6.25in length , and 5in girth. So, once again, please help me gain maximum size in 4 months like you have been doing because I feel that it is also a matter of my manhood.

Sep 29, 2003
I second DLDs post.
Dude you have a good starting size, so good for you. But you need a sane and proven starting plan like this. You'll agree as soon as you start, as you'll feel the learning curve and the new pressures and aches on your dick.
good luck!
Feb 2, 2004
Well it's good to have a goal in mind to keep you going on Penis Enlargement, but it sounds like you have some sorta pressure to do this. Make sure it doesn't affect you negatively by feeling you have to train more or rush the process. Especially make sure that it doesn't push you to work during an injury. Just my 2 cents, make sure you're doing this for the right reasons as well...might sound all moral but it makes all the difference. Good luck!