im sorry


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Jul 7, 2003
This is a public apology to all the people at MOS, I'm sorry for my actions and 'flying off the hook' when I was told about my spelling. You all made a valid point and I will try and work on it asap. Id like to correct my views on MOS and say that this place and the people that run it make it a very friendly environment. I'm sorry all and i hope I cane be forgiven.


Jul 9, 2003
It really has to do with the fact that these forums are being seen and utilized by people all over the world. If someone else doesn't realize that 'ur' = your then they miss out on the point of the post. Some people use english as a second language. They may have been only taught text book definitons and reasons. Therefor grammar as well as spelling is greatly appreciated.

I read your other email and I was very saddened by the fact that you felt that people were picking on you.

I hope that you find that MOS is just the right place for you and I hope you make great gains here! Good luck to you.

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