I'm about to start Newbie Routine


Dec 10, 2003
I'm about to begin DLD's newbie routine...I was wondering if anyone had any last-minute advice before I begin? Just curious...any special techniques, changes to form, etc etc. Anything that might help me get fast results, or better ones?


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Nov 25, 2003
Concentrate on what you are doing, make sure your mind is clear, and your body feels good before your workouts. Listen to your body, I mean the sensations your getting, don't push too hard at first but rather gradually work your way into the program. Think about form, especially while jelqing it is very important IMO. Its o.k too stand in the mirror admiring your cock after a good jelq session, cause your cock will look huge after your first time, this is the pump you get. If you keep at it for a while then your pump will become your real penis, it gives me motovation to continue!
Last good luck, and read as much as you can, write down your experiences it will help you remember what is working!
Jul 12, 2004
my advice is to go very slow at the beginning
after 4 days of the newbie routine I have a thrombosed vein on the right side of my penis near the base, and I was only doing half of what the beginning of the newbie routine suggestions
go light on your penis for awhile man, work up to it, it's very frustrating for me having to stop so soon