Idiot convicted of racist nonsense


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Jun 3, 2003
Idiot convicted of racist nonsense
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"John Ward, 61, was prosecuted under new anti-social behaviour laws after he attacked, threatened and abused Somali neighbour Amina Mohamed, 32, and her seven young children. Once he left her nine-year-old daughter sobbing after he ripped off her religious headscarf and threw it down. Jobless Ward - convicted of a racially aggravated assault two years ago - called the children 'black dogs' who should go back to Somalia... Ward has a 40 year history of jail terms and 64 convictions including assault, criminal damage, theft and fraud. He is fighting eviction and insisted he is not racist: 'I get on well with everyone of all colours on this estate. There is a good community spirit here and everything was fine until they came.'"