i want more girth...

Jun 6, 2004
I'm not worried about my cock size much anymore. I figure i should work with what i have. Although i would like to increase my girth from 5 1/2 to 6 inches. I more so want a fat cock than a really long one. It's just something about pulling down your underwear and seeing a nice fat cock below that turns me on. I hope i can accomplish this. I really believe in myself and i know anything is possible. Anyways if anyone can give me some girth info it would be very much appreciated.Thanks

PS: thanks Ancient China for posting my cock pics. You've been a big help!
Apr 18, 2004
Good for you! There are no rules on what a good cock is. People say 8 X 6 is good, or 10 X 7, but really, all that matters is what makes you feel good about yourself! Personally, I want 8" and a foreskin, so that is what I am going for, and what will make me feel good about myself, even though I know alot of the other guys here are shooting for more. I don't want to be the biggest. For me 8" is big enough! Anything more than that would be icing on the cake!


Its a marathon, not a sprint!
Jun 3, 2003
Reguler constriction will help.
Also supra slammers.
DLD Girth busters.
Jelqs [wet/dry].
Horse squeezes 440's

But dont choose all of them LOL NEVER do too much.
The best in that list are the slammers, girth busters and constricters.
Oct 11, 2003
So mr Red, you think doing both mini-slammers and some contrictorized exercises will be bad, so that you get no gains?

I thought of something like this;

Dash-Rap for 10min
Mini-Slammers 5 x 5(5 jelqs , then repeat 5 times, so it gets 25)
Dash Rap for 20min(with some contriction work in that rap)

Whatcha think Red? is it to much to do on a 1 on, 1 off schedual?
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Mar 14, 2004
I hope you make that goal. You should stick to the newbie routine for the first month, regardless of your goals, for conditioning reasons. You might hurt yourself if you jump into advanced girth workouts. I've had blood come from my dick and busted a blood vessel, jumping over my head with overzealous girth exercises. Good luck.
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