I tried on the Magnum XL for the hell of it- Somewhat encouraging fit.



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Oct 25, 2003
I havent used condoms in ages, and I dont really remember the larger styles being widely available then. I remember Lifestyles suffocating me at the head and the base being so tight it made an indentation in my shaft a couple inches up from the base. I had always been curious if those Large, Magnum, etc would fit me and always wanted a discreet way to find out.

I found some website giving away free condoms a month ago and I picked the big daddy Magnum XL which is even 0.4" longer and 0.25 wider than the Magnum. i got it in the mail today and decided to try it on my normal ( non-edged, non-Penis Enlargement-ed) erection.

My current size is between 7-8" long NBP and approx 5.25 girth. I thought I might be OK lengthwise but thought this thing might be like a trashbag on my girth. Turns out at an advertised length of 8.5" it did not even go all the way to my base. Width was okay. It was perhaps a little bit loose under the head ( I have a large head that then indents to the shaft) but the base was tight and secure. I could use it without it slipping off for sure, but it should be tighter. I have no doubt a Magnum ( not XL) would probably fit perfectly ( with a little length leftover). I am a little surprised,especially for my girth. I have no doubt once I have my goal of 8+ (minimum NBP) and 6+, that I would have no problem claiming Magnum XL or Durex XXL status.
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